Also known as the Northern Principality of the Empire of the Wolf.

Capital currently located in (Insert Vatnland Silver Raven Stronghold Name here); Petoskey, Michigan.

Warband was first founded by the original Clanmaster, Haldor Halvardsson of the Iron Fist (now Jarngard). The founding took place around the time of Ragnarok XXII, 2007 Gregorian. At the Founding 3 clans existed. Iron Fist, Thunder Axe and Silver Raven.

In time, two additional clans surfaced. The Stone Paw and the Steel Hammer.

Times of prosperity passed until the end of the year 2008 Gregorian. Haldor Halvardsson, the First Clanmaster, stepped down due to location circumstances and named Eindridi Gramtho of the Iron Fist as the Interim Clanmaster. A Clanmaster Challenge was required by the bylaws, but had to be held at Ragnarok, so until then, Eindridi ruled. The Warband enjoyed a time of peace and prosperity with Eindridi Gramtho as the Clanmaster. He was the first Clanmaster to hold a Great Thyng, and will always be remembered as the
"Beloved Clanmaster".

When it came time for the great Thyng, a meeting of the Clans of Warband, a Challenge was called for by the Interim Clanmaster and a challenge was given. The Brothers Thronar of the Thunder Axe Clan were the ones that issued the challenge, and when it came time for Ragnarok, a yearly celebration of Warband, the Clanmaster Challenge was had. It was during the challenge that the brothers Thronar fought for the right to challenge Eindridi and it was Nafien Thronar who bested his brother Rathis. Nafien Thronar then challenged Eindridi and proved himself victorious.

At the Ragnarok 24 Great Thyng, Eindridi stepped down as Clanmaster and Nafien Thronar was crowned the new Clanmaster. His first words were to name a Co-Clanmaster. His brother Rathis. Thus began the Reign of the Brothers Thronar. It is best described as a time of change.

Not long after Ragnarok 24, a new alliance was formed by the Brothers Thronar. An alliance with Dimma Ulfur. At Olympics 2010 The Joining occured. Warband swore allegiance to the Ulfric and Dronning of Dimma Ulfur and the Empire of the Wolf was born.

Almost one year after joining the Thronar Brothers decided to retire from Clanmaster. They appointed Jostal Blod Rand to take their place and he was Crowned at Ragnarok 26, 2011 Gregorian.



  • Spirit Paths (Currently not available)
  • Personal Guards
  • The Clanmaster Challenge
  • Master of Arms

Current Clanmaster:

  • Prinz Jostal Blod Rand

Current Houses

Previous Clanmasters

  • Nafien and Rathis Thronar: The Bringers of Change. Headed the Joining with Dimma Ulfur
  • Eindridi Gramtho: The Beloved Clanmaster
  • Haldor Halvardsson: The First Clanmaster

Inactive Houses

  • Thunder Axe
    • Chieftains: The Thronar Brothers
  • Stone Paw
    • Chieftain: Magnus
  • Iron Fist (Now Jarngard)
  • Steel Hammer
    • Chieftain: Sazur
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