The Command Path

The Command Path is meant for members that wish to lead a squad. A Commander should know all Empire Army field commands and tactics. A proving to earn the first level of Command can be held by any Ealdorman or Drottin who is approved to give Command Trials.
The Potential Commander will be drilled on their knowledge of commands and tactics, and pass command trials.

Rankings in the Command Path

  1. Visi: 1st Rank: Visi is old Norse for Leader
    1. Pass the General Field Command Test.
    2. Obtain 10 command tokens by
      • Commanding Field Command Drills
      • commanding a squad in a large battle (20+ fighters)
    3. Pass the Level 1 Field Command Trial.
  2. Skati: 2nd Rank: Skati is old norse for Leader
    1. 20 command Tokens
    2. Pass Level 2 Field Command Trial
  3. Yfirmadr/Captain: 3rd Rank. Captains of the Army of the Empire.
    • 30 Command Tokens
    • Pass Captain/Yfirmadr Trials
    • (Yfirmadr is Old Norse for Leader.)
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