Spirit Paths

The Spirit Paths

The Spirit Paths offer a focus on fighting style to those that wish for it.

Ranking Varies per Path.

Basic Path Requirements:

  • Description of Path Duties, Ideals, Role in the Army of the Empire.
  • Bylaws - the path requires a number of bylaws/guidelines to follow
  • Rankings - the path has a number of rankings
  • Requirements - each rank has requirements.

The Bear stands at the front line and deals as much destruction as possible. While dealing Pain and suffering, they also focus on breaking shields. The Teeth of the Empire

Primary Weapon: Heavy Red, Heavy Polearm, Long Spear


  • Heavy Weapon: Obtain and gain proficiency with a Heavy Weapon:
    • Heavy Red: Not minimum length, not min weight, At least 125% of minimums
    • Heavy Polearm: Red and Green polearm weapons at least 7 feet long or more than 150% of minimum weight.
    • Heavy Spear: Bandshop pole equivalent core with length greater or equal to 8 feet
  • Armor: A Bear often stands on the front line and should have at least 60% coverage of armor. This includes a Helmet for safety.
  • Optional: Own a Buckler
  • Optional: Side weapon
  • Be knowledgable with Empire Bear tactics and Role.

Bear Tactics and Role:

  • Line Support: Bears focus on supporting the shield wall with their heavy weapon by breaking shields and using their great reach to smite the enemy.
  • Intimidation: Heavy Weapons are scary, they are designed for safety, but they often still pack quite a wallop. Bears use this to make their enemy slink away form the line, retreating in fear of pain or aggression. This breaks up the line, leaving room for advance or maneuvers that can win the day.
  • Distraction: Similar to Intimidation, Bears use their heavy weapon to distract their enemy, or make enough noise and ruckus to draw attention to themselves. Distraction draws the enemies attention away from where the enemy should be looking.
  • Optional: Healing. Surprisingly, a limbed bear can stand in the line and heal their allies. It is wise to know a poem. (For Dagorhir anyways.)
  • Optional: Ranged Support - Bears should be familiar with supporting their rear archers and spearmen.
  • Optional: Counterflanking


Berserker Path

The Roar of the Empire
Fearlessness, recklessness, intimidation, cunning, and determination. These are the tools of the berserker.

  • Fearlessness: Never back down. No quarter shall be given to the enemy.
  • Recklessness: Not foolhardy, but calculated risks. Creating chaos for the enemy.
  • Intimidation: When the enemy looks in your eyes and knows he has already lost.
  • Cunning: Battlefield awareness, and using it to your advantage.
  • Determination: Fight on when others would quit. Nothing can stop a berserker’s wrath

Some wore the skins of bears and wolves. Some strode into battle bare of chest. Others thought that they “became” the bear or the wolf. Some may have taken hallucinogenic drugs to enter a trace like stage. Others harnessed the rage within themselves and turned it against their enemy.

Laws of the Berserkers

1. Any initiate (known as sheep) shall have a member sponsor him. This sponsor will help prepare the sheep as he goes through trials.

2. For a sheep to become a Berserk he must pass a trial of endurance and face the great bear. A third challenge will be set forth by the leader of the order. After these trials are passed the “tribe” shall vote on the sheep’s worth. Should there be a tie the leader shall break the tie.

3. All Berserkers will abide by all the laws of the Empire of the Wolf. All Berserkers will remain loyal to the Empire of the Wolf.

4. Your kit should reflect your Berserker persona. This will be left up to the individual’s tastes but should fit into one of the accepted standards of a Viking Berserker. Examples: dressing as a wolf or bear or not wearing a tunic into battle.

Path head: Aldvarg Egilsson
Path Ranking:

  • Initiate
  • Sheep
  • Berserk - Full member


Heavy Infantry. Dedicated to Line Breaking and line defense. The Shield of the Empire.

Dragon (or Serpent)

Dedicated to Death, to slay as many enemies as possible. Spear or halberd The Piercing Gaze of the Empire


Dedicated to Ranged combat and communicating enemy position to the front line. Archery?


Path Head: Haldman Haldor Halvardsson
Light Infantry, Skirmishers,

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