Spirit Path Of The Bear

Warriors of the vanguard, working in tandem with the shield wall to decimate their foes.

Bear Warriors are focused on Intimidation and Decimating Shield Lines. They stand in the line and cause terror and intimidate their foes. They use their heavy Red Swords to break shield, cut through armor and deal as much pain to the enemy line as possible.

  • Primary Weapon: Heavy Red Sword/Axe, Short Heavy Polarms
  • Armor Type: Heavy
  • Primary Tactic: Line Fighting & Shield Breaking
  • Secondary Tactics: Missile Retrieval, Communication, Intimidation, Dominate Polearms/Spears


  1. Heavy Red Weapon Mastery
    • Demonstrate Proper technique with a Red weapon
    • Demonstrate knowledge on how to avoid Vertical Strikes
    • Demonstrate Power when striking shields - To have a shield-man call "light" on a Bear's Red Strike is the greatest dishonor for a Bear Warrior.
  2. Red Line Fighting Mastery
    • Know how to work a line, lashing out from behind the shield wall to break shields and sever limbs
  3. Own Heavy Armor and Fight in it regularly
    • heavy Armor usually involves Metal armor, but full leather could count as well.
    • Heavy armor means 85-100% body coverage, from head to toe.
  4. Demonstrate ability to call out changes to the front line as it is witnessed.
    • Pointing out key targets to archers is an important task to Bear warriors
  5. Demonstrate ability to retrieve missiles while not on the front line
    • Retrieving arrows and javelins for the rear support is important to any line fighter.
  6. Demonstrate ability to intimidate your foes
    • Bear's specialty. Nothing intimidates a line like a bear who crushes sword arms and hacks down shields. A proper bear warrior should be able to intimidate a line from advancing when the bear warrior's line is in shambles, or in between rezzes.
  7. Demonstrate ability to Disable Polearm users
    • Locking down a good spearman is difficult for a shield user, this is why bear warriors excel at it. With their heavy red they can overpower a spear and keep it from being functional. They can also grapple said spears when the spear-user gets over-zealous.

Laws of the Bear

  1. A Bear does not Yield
  2. A Bear delivers pain to his/her enemies
  3. A Bear is a terror on the field
  4. A Bear will Honor his/her friends and foes


  1. Cub
    • Demonstrate Red Weapon Proficiency by completing the following challenges
      • Break 5 shields
      • Fight in a shield wall
      • Gain 10 kills with a red weapon
    • Explain a Vertical Strike and what it can do, And show how to avoid them to an Ealdorman.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of Laws of the Bear by reciting 1 law to an Ealdorman.
  2. Ox - (Axe)
    • Complete the following Challenges
      • Break 2 or 5 shields in a single battle. (2 - nonrez or 5 - rez)
      • Disable an Armored opponent; Intimidate a Line from advancing (for 3 seconds or longer); Call out Changes to a line in a battle; retrieve missiles for support or Dominate/Disable a Polearm for at least 5 seconds 5 times
      • Break 10 shields at one practice/event
    • Own a Heavy Red Weapon
    • Own 1 piece of armor
  3. Bjorn (Bear)
    • Karl Status in the Empire of the Wolf is required for this rank.
    • Own a Helmet
    • Own a Helm and Torso Armor
    • Complete the following challenges
      • Have a Holmgang Challenge with another Bear Warrior (this can be done at a practice, fight is best 2 out of 3) (This should be overseen by an Ealdorman)
      • Fight as a bear in a Shield wall at an event 4 times. (Times = 1 day of fighting for however long you fight.
      • Break 10 Shields at a single event 3 times
      • Dominate/disable a Polearm user for 4 seconds at an event 5 times
      • Call out Changes to a line in a battle or retrieve missiles for support at an event 5 times.
      • Intimidate a Line from advancing at an event for at least 5 seconds 3 times
  4. Reidr (Angry)
    • Own enough armor to cover 75% of your body. (Helm, Torso, Arm and Leg armor)
    • Must own a piece of jewelry depicting or denoting the Bear. A torc, arm band, or pendent would all be appropriate.
    • Complete the following Combat challenges
      • Win 5 Line Squad Challenges.
      • Participate in 3 Skirmish Squad Challenges as a Faux Line.
      • Take a Bear Role in an Empire Squad until you are dismissed 3 times. (usually a 2 hour duration)
      • Win 10 Holmgang Challenges with other Bear Warriors rank 3 or higher (this can be done at a practice, fight is best 2 out of 3) (This should be overseen by an Ealdorman)
  5. Ursa
    • Own enough armor for at least 85% coverage
    • Take a Bear Role in an Empire Squad until you are dismissed 4 times. (usually a 2 hour duration) (This is in addition to the Reidr Squad Requirement)
    • Win 20 Line Squad Challenges. (these are in addition to the Reidr Requirements.
    • Push a Shield line during a line squad challenge 5 times. (The line must move at least 3 feet)
    • Slay or Wound 15 Armored Fighters During Line Squad Challenges.
    • Complete a successful charge during a line squad challenge 3 times.
    • Break 2 Shields in a single line squad challenge 3 times.
    • Complete Red Weapon Mastery (20)
    • Participate in 10 Skirmish Squad Challenges as a Faux Line.
    • Take a Bear Role in an Empire Squad until you are dismissed 4 times. (usually a 2 hour duration) (This is in addition to the Bjorn Requirements)
    • (Bonus) Literally Break an opponent's Shield. Earn Bear Path Title - Shield Breaker
  6. Alpha
    • A contest will be held every Ragnarok. Any Ursa can participate in the Contest. If the current Alpha does not attend, they forfeit their title should an Aedra Challenge. Bear Warriors will have a small moot on wednesday and discuss the path, adjust challenges if needed and put their names in for the Alpha Contest.
    • Should there be only 1 challenger, a best out of three Red Duel Holmgang will be held between the challenger and the alpha. Full armor is required.
    • Should there be more than 1 challenger, a tournament will be held.
    • In either contest, light swings are not allowed. An ealdorman will be asked to referee the contest, and will have the final say on light calls. (If a blow staggers an opponent, and that oppenent calls light, the ealdorman will call poor honor, and disqualify the liar.)
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