Paths Of The Empire

The many Paths of the Empire are meant to provide members with medieval occupations to pursue. Each Path, or occupation/job, contains rankings that members can achieve. The Empire of the Wolf uses a token system to determine these ranks. Every time a Member brings Glory to the Empire, a related Path is determined and a token is awarded for that Path. As a member gains tokens they increase in rank, however, as they increase in rank, obtaining tokens will become more difficult.

Most paths within the Empire have 5 ranks: Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert and Master.

Tokens can be earned many different ways. Challenges can be requested at events to earn Tokens and Tokens may be given as a bonus for certain awards or epic deeds. Tokens can also be earned during special Empire events or Sagas. Please see the Crafting Section for ways Crafters earn Tokens.

A few rules apply for all paths when it comes to Ranking.

Non-Combat Paths


  • The Path of Servitude consists of helping out other members and serving at Events. This can consist from merely taking out the trash to Heralding High Court. Tokens in this Path are usually awarded by a ranking leadership member based on service during an event or serving as Master Herald.


  • Everything involving Camp & Kitchen development, management and clean up during a camp out. At every event, a Camp Master and Kitchen Master will be selected by the Royalty, Keeper of the Keys, or other Leadership. A number of tokens can be awarded depending on participation in camp and kitchen during an event or serving as Kitchen or Camp Master.

Guardsmen Path

  • Dedicated to Security Detail and Bodyguards. Guardsmen protect the hearth of the Empire.

Skald (Bardic / Godi / Priest)

The Storytellers and Priests of the Empire of the Wolf. They are also the performers and musicians of the Empire. They are the Lore Keepers, handing down and guarding the stories and heritage of their Houses. They could also be considered the Bards of the Empire. Skalds also Herald Courts and Symbel.


The Masters of records of the Empire of the Wolf. Scholars are greatly valued as without them, nothing could be recorded. Scholars are also the Lore Keepers of the Empire as they write down and record the stories of the generations.

Crafting Paths

The Crafting paths work a little differently from all other paths. The Crafting Paths use rings instead of Tokens. To gain rings in a chosen craft, a crafter must make and document works within that path. Crafters should share documentation of any new works with their local leadership which can then be judged and rings awarded. As a Crafter's rank increases, judgement of work will get tougher.

Upon reaching the number of rings required for the next rank increase a crafter may be given a final trial before the new rank is awarded. A Trial will be determined by the rank it is for, the crafting path, and the person applying for the rank.

At Expert Rank, instead of being called an Expert Crafter, their title will reflect their preferred workmanshipgeneral Medium

Combat Paths

Combat Paths are based on tokens of the same name. They can be earned through a myriad of martial endeavors.

Combat Tokens usually have a mark of a specific Spirit Path besides the Huskarl Path.


The Command Path is meant for members that wish to lead a squad. A Commander should know all Empire Army field commands and tactics. (Which we are still working on) A proving to earn the first level of Command can be held by any Ealdorman or Drottin who maintains a Book of Tactics.
The Potential Commander will be drilled on their knowledge of commands and tactics, and should they pass, will be awarded the first rank of Commander, Visi.

Huskarl Path

One of the few Paths that contains more than five ranks. This path is meant for members that wish to take on the Profession of a Warrior.

Huskarl Trials

The Spirit Paths

Part of the Huskarl Path. The Spirit Paths offer a focus on fighting style to those that wish for it.

Spirit Path of the Bear

Warriors of the vanguard, working in tandem with the shield wall to decimate their foes

Spirit Path of the Wolf

Fast Infantry; trained to be open field skirmishers with a keen knack for taking full advantage of flanking tactics.

Spirit Path of the Boar

Heavy Infantry; dedicated to line breaking and defensive fighting


Sharp-eyed ranged combatants, trained in communicating enemy position to the front line.


Dedicated to taking what advantage they can; their goal is to pick apart the opposition either bit by bit or foe by foe.

Dragon (or Serpent)

True dealer s of death wielding mighty Polearm weapons and striking fear into the enemy. Shields and armor alike are no match for their claws

Spirit Path of the Stag

A versatile yet dangerous style; best suited for solitary targets, or in a command position.


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