Path Of Chainweave

Following are the special rules regarding the Chainweave Crafting path.

Rank Trials

  • Journeyman Trial
    • Craft a Chainweave Coif
  • Expert Trial
    • Craft a Dragonscale Necklace
  • Master Trial
    • TBA

Earning Tokens.

  • Certain projects award multiple tokens. This is measured with time and the Necklace equivalent.
  • The Necklace Equivalent is the general time and/or resources it takes to make 1 boxweave necklace of XX inches in length.
  • If a project takes longer than the Necklace equivalent in time and resources, it is potentially worth additional tokens.
    • 2 Token Projects: The Project must take More than Double the Necklace equivalent in time and/or resources.
    • 3 Token Projects: THe Project must take More than Triple the Necklace Equivalent in time and/or resources.
    • Multiple Token Projects: Any Project deemed worth more than a muliplier of the Necklace Equivalent will be divided by that multiplier and rounded down for a number of tokens the project is worth. Whenever an item is submitted for multiple tokens, its number will be recorded below.
      • TBA - Multiple token projects made with 3/8ths inside diameter, 14 gauge, electric fence wire can be measured in pounds. One pound equals one token.

Chainweave projects worth multiple tokens

  • 2 Token Projects
  • 3 Token Projects
  • 4 Token Projects
  • 5 Token Projects
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