Orders And Nobility

Two different types of Orders exist within The Empire. The first types are the Station Orders. This includes Nobility, Knighthoods, and Orders who exist in a martial capacity. Secondly, there are Service Orders. These include craftsman, caretakers, performers and lore-keepers of The Empire. New Orders may spring forth; the creation of necessity, as The Crown deems appropriate. Each Order has its own structure, rankings, goals, and methods. For more information on an order, refer to the Head of that Order (if applicable), or ask your local Ealdorman.

Station Orders


In the Empire of the Wolf, members who prove exceptional service are given the Award of Arms. It grants the right to a coat of Arms or a 2x4 foot banner with your own personal heraldry that can be raised in camp and born on the field. It also marks the member as a valued part of the Empire and an Ealdorman. Nobles also gain the right to wear a Circlet noting Title, and the right to post a banner in camp and on the field (Please see Banner Standards for more information.)
Being Titled means all members of lower status should address the Member with the proper
description. Nobles are to be addressed as My Lord or My Lady, or if calling them by name,
putting Lord or Lady before their name. Higher Ranking Nobles should be addressed with the following titles:

  • Ulfric/Dronning – Your Majesty
  • Prinz – Your Highness
  • Posadnik/Duke - Your Grace
  • Jarl/Earl - Your Excellency
  • Hauldmann/Count - Your Excellency

Orders of Knighthood and Martial Prowess

Recognized Knighthoods from outside as well as within The Empire are treated with due reverence; they are institutions of earned respect and merit. On similar grounds, the Orders dealing with martial prowess are also paid fair due; for they are how combat skill and knowledge of battle is passed on to the next Generation.
Some Orders may be rigidly structured and steeped in honor and dignity, others might seem disorderly and chaotic to outsiders… But their ways are cornerstones of Tradition, and should be honored as such.

Other Recognized Knighthoods include, but are not limited to, the Kensmen and the
Knights of Windhaven. When uncertain of how to properly address a member of a Knightly Order, ask.

Order of the Riddari

The Knighthood of the Empire of the Wolf; Dedicated to the Code of the “Riddari”, or “Rider” in Old Norse. The Riddari are the pinnacle of martial training and discipline.
They are the mentors of the seasoned fighters, and an Order of true Excellence. Riddari are prided on their Honor, and held greatly to it. They are heroes of The Empire and should be respected as such. To be granted the title is among the greatest honors that The Empire has to give. Squires chosen by a Riddari are called Merkismanðr, and are only chosen after much personal consideration.

All Riddari should be referred to as Ser. The title of Riddari is one of the few titles not stripped from its recipient upon departure from the Empire.

There are an extreme few worthy of the title Riddari, and of these, Ser Bodvar Skavensson is the only active member of the Empire.

Order of the Iron Shield

The Iron Shield - the dedicated guardsmen of the Empire. Their duty is to insure the safety of The Empire, both in camp and out. They assign guard shifts, oversee security during events, and are the protectors of the Crown.
They are overseers of the Guardsman Path (See ‘Paths of the Empire’)

Order of the Hersir

Proud warriors one and all; the Hersir are the elite combatants and martial core of the Empire. Whereas the Riddari are proud Knights of Honor, and the Berzerkers are frightening, unhinged forces of nature, the Hersir are a trained, regimented unit. They are honed in the art of war and the survival abilities of a soldier.
One must pass what is known as a Hersir War Proving to become a member of the Hersir. What this usually entails is a period camping experience that is a mixture of military style physical training and Norse survival essentials.

The Head of the Hersir is known as the Stallari. The current Stallari is Sir Wolfgang Theosson.

The Berserker Order

Where there are Berserkers, there is chaos.
While most soldiers rely on their training and discipline, Berserks rely on emotion, will and intimidation. Berserkers embrace their animal instincts and harness the power of whatever their totem animal may be. Common totems include the Wolf, Bear, Boar, and Stag; of which many can be found having an associated Spirit Path (See Paths of the Empire section).
Initiates (sheep) have several trials to face before becoming a full member (Berserker). A full member will help guide a sheep through the process. After all the trials have been completed all the full members will vote on the initiates worth.

They are led by Lord Aldvarg Egilsson, and full members are marked by a sash bearing the rune of Gungnir (An X mark inside of a diamond shape).

Service Orders

Order of the Maestari

For proven worth as a Grandmaster of their Craft, the title of Maestari is treated
very much as a Knighthood in terms of honor and reverence.
Those granted the title of Grandmaster are few and far between, and stands as exemplars of their trade, whatever that may be.

Trial of the Maestari
When the Leadership has deemed a Master Craftsman worthy of Maestari the Master Craftsman shall be brought before the Crown at Symbel or High Court and issued a challenge to craft 3 items of exceptional quality within their craft for the explicit purpose of judgment. Should these works be worthy, he shall be granted the honor of being called Maestari.
There is but one Grandmaster of the Empire; Maestari Vortigern of “The Crafty Celt”.

Order of the Gilded Rose

The Order of the Gilded Rose are the camp -masters and caretakers of The Empire. Bearers of the legacy of the Hearthstone, they oversee the aforementioned Path. From keeping us fed to keeping our fires bright and warm, the Order of the Gilded Rose are a pivotal cornerstone of our family and structure.

Order of the Argent Quill

The Argent Quill are the artistic and historical figureheads of The Empire. This Order is far
reaching, encompassing Bards, Skalds, and Storytellers; Artists, Scribes, and bookkeepers. They are the Chroniclers of The Empire and stand as pillars of its integrity. Through their actions and undertakings, we shall never forget who we are, from whence we came, and where we have yet to tread.

Order Tenets and the Establishment of New Orders


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