New Guardsman Path

The members of the Guardsman path are the defenders of the Empire. They keep our camp safe while we sleep, protect our leaders during court, and act as personal bodyguards to nobility and those who have need.

Primary Function: Camp Security & Personal Security (Bodyguarding)
Secondary Functions: Other forms of Security - Merchant Security


Be knowledgeable with the Rules of Watchman Etiquette and the Iron Shield Tenets

  • Watchman etiquette deals primarily with area security, such as camp guard and merchant security. Tenets of the Iron Shield are more aimed at bodyguard protocol.
  • Vigils: A Guardsman Vigil could be considered something similar to a Knight's vigil. The guard is assigned a task that would last a long period of time, perhaps guarding a crowned member for an entire day.

The rules of Watchman etiquette:

  1. Be concerned with the task at hand.
  2. Show up for your shift on time and at an acceptable level of sobriety.
  3. Be polite and courteous, you may be the first impression that a guest has of our camp.
  4. Stay at your post until dismissed by your relief or a superior.
  5. Ask that visitors leave weapons (steel or foam) at the gate upon entering camp.


These are the ranks of the Guardsman path. Tests and challenges will be given by a designated Ealdorman or specifically ranked Iron Shield Member.

  1. Watchman – Initiate to the path
    • Earned at least three tokens as a guardsman
    • Moderately familiar with watchman etiquette.
  2. Sentinel – Low ranking guard
    • Earned at least seven tokens as a guardsman.
    • Very familiar with watchman etiquette.
  3. Heimpegi – Middle ranking guard- Requires Karl status in the Empire of the Wolf.
    • Earned at least thirteen tokens as a guardsman.
    • Must pass Watchman etiquette test.
  4. Druzhinniki – Veteran guardsman
    • Earned at least nineteen tokens as a guardsman.
    • Eligible to be Master of the Watch or Master Bodyguard at an event.
    • Must pass Tenets of the Iron Shield test.
  5. Vordrjarn – High ranking guardsman
    • Earned at least twenty- six tokens as a guardsman.
    • Must be Master of the Watch or Master Bodyguard once at a National event.
    • Must complete one guardsman vigil.
  6. Akolouthos – The pinnacle of guardsman, achievable by only the most dedicated defenders.
    • Earned at least forty tokens as a guardsman.
    • Complete two more guardsman vigils.
    • Serve as Master of the Watch and/or Master Bodyguard five times.
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