Level 1 Field Command Trial

The level 1 Field Command trial requires a Commander to lead an Empire Platoon (MInimum of 2 Squads) through a course where the commander will be required to utilize each command in the Empire Command Guide.

Course 1

Squads basically travel along a bridge or corridor.

Preset Course Commands.
Forward, Right, Right
Forward, Hold, Left, Left
Steel Shell
At Ease
Forward, Right, Right
Steel Shell
Forward step, Forward step, Step, Step,
At Ease
Left, Left
Forward Step, Forward Step, Step, Step, forward
Right, Right

Commands used:

  • Forward March – áfram
    • Move forward in a steady march, with focus on keeping formation tight and steady.
  • Charge Forward – drífa áfram
    • Rush towards the enemy, holding current formation. Remember to keep pace with the slowest of the frontliners in order to not break rank.
  • Retreat – skjól
    • Move back to a safe position, watching flanks and hind.
  • Right - réttur
    • All men must immediately face right, in unison.
  • Left – vinstri
    • All men must immediately face left, in unison.
  • Hold – halda
    • Maintain formation regardless of circumstance, halt all charges.
  • Forward Step – skref
    • Move forward one step.
  • Steel Shell – stálskel
    • Immediately assume the Steel Shell formation.
  • At Ease – losa
    • Resume ranks held before the Steel Shell formation.
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