Laws Of The Empire

Laws of the Empire

  1. All members hail each other as valued brothers & Sisters and should treat each other as such. No matter their rank.
  2. The Rite of Challenge shall be upheld by all of the Empire.
  3. The Crown has the final say in all matters, should the need arise.
  4. The Crown is charged with maintaining Empire Structure, Membership and Ranking, and the handing out of awards and special Titles.
  5. The Empire is governed by a council of the Crown and the Ealdorman. A member of the Crown is always considered an Ealdorman.
  6. When a member leaves the Empire, they give up all earned titles and rankings and must re-thrall to prove themselves if they wish to return.
  7. An Ealdorman must be in attendance to name a thrall and The Crown must be in attendance to name a Karl or any rank higher than Karl. This must be done at a High Symbel with the proper Ceremony. 2 additional Ealdormen must be in attendance for the naming of an Ealdorman.
  8. All members shall follow the Structure, Orders & Nobility, Army of the Empire Structure, Paths of the Empire, Awards and Banner Standards set forth by the Empire.
  9. Should a member of the Crown be lost for whatever reason the existing members of the Crown shall maintain positions and make any changes if necessary. If all members of the Crown are lost, the council of Ealdorman shall convene to determine a successor.

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