Iron Shield Tenets

The Iron Shield

The Empire of the Wolf is known for unmatched dedication to bodyguarding and security. It is the job of the Iron Shield to maintain this great tradition and to improve on it continuously. The only way for this to happen is to work together as a group, not as a bunch of individuals. That’s what things like Table are for. The more time spent in open dialogue as a group, either lightheartedly or with serious concerns, is what will keep this Order functioning. The Order of the Iron Shield is a living, breathing entity; it is not written once and forever in stone.
Above all else, the thing that MUST be maintained is honor. The honor to fulfill your duties to the best of your ability, the honor to step up for assignments when others don’t, the honor to hold ourselves and one another to a higher standard, the honor to act in such a manner as to bring respect and positivity to the Empire. This is whether on or off the field of battle and in or out of camp.
Members of the Iron Shield are marked by a leather belt favor unique to the Order. Additionally, the member may adorn the favor with a number of belt fittings according to their rank in the Order. The fittings can be found here:

Iron Shield Tenets

  1. An Iron Shield will not stand down, unless by the command of their commander, or the Crown.
  2. An Iron Shield stays close to their Ward. (within arms reach unless instructed otherwise)
  3. An Iron Shield on Duty is focused on their duty, and do not concern themselves with other things.
    • An Iron Shield on duty does not speak to their ward unless spoken to.
    • An Iron Shield does not concern themselves with the business of their ward.
  4. An Iron Shield does not hesitate to place themselves between their ward and a perceived threat.
  5. An Iron Shield protects their ward at all costs.
  6. An Iron Shield enforces their ward's "Personal Bubble" and prefers a certain distance away from their ward to be held by anyone nearby.


  1. Do not back down.
  2. It is good to keep your ward within arms reach, so that you may move them into safety, or come to their aid if needed. Sometimes, however, a larger distance is asked of the ward, or required by Etiquette, (like at Court). In these instances, it is best to maintain a watchful eye and should a threat reveal itself, not hesitate to intervene.
  3. When a Guardsman is on duty they should not concern themselves with "socializing", or anything that doesn't involve their ward. Camp Guard duty is somewhat an exception to this rule as long as duty takes priority.
  4. In most instances, this is the norm, should a threat be perceived, warning your ward is always allowed. As is informing your ward of anything duty related, or what you are required to do.
  5. This is pretty self explanatory, even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice.


At any event, any member may call for a table where all available members must attend. This is the time to make proposals, air grievances, discuss policy and/or procedure, or just share stories. If a vote on a matter is necessary, it will be with all members having an equal vote no matter their rank. If a tie is reached, the motion is considered to be struck down. In the instance that an impending vote is known beforehand, a member who cannot make the event may cast their vote to the Grandmaster who will then relay it at Table. Calling for a table is your right as an Iron Shield, and it is something that is not only allowed but encouraged.

Iron Shield Ranking and Recruitment

Recruit Challenges/Requirements

  • To join the Order of the Iron Shield the Recruit must have at least 3 ranks in the Guardsmen path, and an additional rank in Guardsmen or 2 ranks in Spirit Path of the Boar.
  • The Recruit must be of Karl rank in the Empire of the Wolf.
  • Complete a number of Challenges set forth by the Iron Shield
  • Get Sponsored by an Existing Iron Shield member (or two)

Induction Ceremony

A scroll will be awarded.
" The field of war is a perilous place calling for the greatest sacrifice & steadfastness from those that stand guard over us. In this regard, the Crowns of our great Empire should be protected by the bravest and fiercest of our people. There exists an order dedicated to the protector's art & committed to the personal defense of the Royalty. You, <blank>, are worthy of this distinction and have agreed to uphold the principles & purpose, & are hereby inducted into the Order of the Iron Shield."

Iron Shield Ranks

Rank 1- Default rank of a new Iron Shield.
Rank 2- Reach rank of Akolouthos, own live steel axe, sword, or spear.
Rank 3- 45 tokens, 1 more vigil
Rank 4- 50 tokens, 1 more vigil, serve as Master of the Watch/Master Bodyguard 7 times, reach some level of nobility in the Empire.

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