Requirements for becoming a Hird.

Disclaimer: This is still in development and should not be taken as fact in any form

Hird Expectations
Personalized Hird Heirloom to be handed down to future leaders. (Pendant/Sash/Helm/Live Steel Sword/Etc.)
Pledge of Future Contributions
Heraldry Banner
w/ enough weapons to equip every Thrall with 1 weapon
w/ Loaner Garb for new Thralls/Initiates (over-Tunics & Rope for belt.)
Established Traditions
* Examples: Drott/Hird Specific Ranking, Special Events, A Path Focus.
Established Craftsmen
w/ At least 3 Crafts

Karl Expectations
Karls should have the following if they have been a Karl for more than 6 months. Karls that have been a Karl for less than six months should maintain Thrall Expectations listed below.

  1. If the Karl owns a shield it should have the Wolf Hook and extra "Viking" artwork of some kind. They should also own at least 2 weapons.
  2. Maintain Period garb that passes the 10 foot rule and meets Hird/Drott Expectations
    • Example: Tunic & Pants, a Belt, 10-foot rule Shoes, at least 1 piece of Viking Bling, a hat, a cloak/coat/Fur, and a Pouch/container to wear on your person.
    • Own Feast wear for an event.
  3. Pick out at least 2 paths to pursue.

(Bonus) Own Live Steel
(Bonus) Own Period Shoes

Thrall expectations

  1. If the Thrall Fights owns a Shield it should have a Wolf Hook. They should also own at least 1 Dagorhir Weapon.
  2. Garb should include a Tunic, Pants and Belt. Experienced Thralls should strive for Karl level Garb.
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