Guide To Awarding Tokens

So Empire,

You were just at an event and need to award tokens? Here is a guide to help you with this process.

First off,

Who helped out? Consider these paths.


Anyone that helped with event duties such as troll, weapons check, etc. are eligible for service Tokens.


Did you have a camp? If so, anyone that helped out with camp duties is eligible depending on their current rank.

THis path leads to the Order of the Gilded Rose.


Was there Guard duty? Who was the master of the watch? The master of the watch earns a guardsman token AND a Service token.

Any Guard duty shift is worth a token.
If a member bodyguards an ealdorman for an alotted time this can be worth a token, see below

  1. The ealdorman leaves and returns to camp within 2 hours : 1 token.
  2. A member bodyguards an ealdorman for longer than 2 hours: 1 token per 2 hours
  3. Elon is worth 1 token per hour of bodyguard duty.

This path leads to the Order of the Iron Shield. The Iron shield are the elite guardsmen of the Empire and are given the most important Guardsman roles.


Did anyone perform? This could include music, poetry, story telling, etc.

Members that excel in this path are asked to perform during the most important events by the empire. Skalds enjoy special treatment when it comes to certain events.


Did someone take pictures? Or record tokens? or record events of the day in other ways? THese actions are worth scholar tokens. Scholars are members that want to help the Ealdorman with the "Paperwork'. It is a difficult path, but necessary.

The Scholar path leads to the Order of the Argent Quill. Argent Quill members are the elite scribes and scholars of the Empire. They assist the royalty with token reporting and updating the Empire's records. They make sure our great saga is written down for generations to come.

Combat paths.

  • Any member who fights during some part of the day at an event are eligible for a Combat token. This can be applied per every full day of fighting at an event. (Example: Monday - Saturday at Ragnarok)
    • Members that participate in Empire Combat Trials, CHallenges, etc, can potentially earn additional tokens in that day.
    • Members that participate in special combat events are potentially eligible for additional tokens. (Pass of the Crown Bear, Tournament of Steel, etc.)
  • Anyone that places 1st or 2nd place in a tournament is eligible for a full combat token no matter their rank.
  • Moments of Epicness: If something epic happens on the field please report it, and remember as much about the moment as possible, including the people involved, the fighting styles, details of the combat, etc.
  • Trials
    • At 4th rank in Huskarl, a trial will be given to prove a member's worth. This is a 2vs1. The member can try it as many times as they wish, can wear any armor they own, and must fight members that have been fighting for at least 2 years and no more than 4 years. More experienced fighters can give this trial, but they must be handicapped some how. Any Ealdorman can give this trial.
    • Beyond rank 4 every rank will require a trial. These trials will be determined once a member reaches the appropriate rank.
  • Challenges
    • Challenges can be requested by members from their local leader or another Ealdorman. The ealdorman will be expected to give a challenge that is difficult. This can be done by doing a form of trial at a single practice, or the member can be given a challenge that can be completed over a number of practices and events. (Obtain 100 kills, Complete an Endurance trial, etc.)


When a member crafts an item, they should report it to their local leader, a scholar or an ealdorman. Crafted items grant crafting tokens and as they grow in rank, gain greater prestige as a craftsman of their path.

Gaining a high rank in a crafting path also leads to the Order of the Maestari. Maestari are the elite crafters of the Empire, and enjoy a title of Maester. Maesters are the Knights of the craftsman.

  • Large Craft Projects
    • Some craft projects take a large amount of time and resources. These projects are worth more tokens than other, less expensive projects.
    • Any large project token values will be hashed out by the ealdorman when awarding tokens to a new path and a template will be made for the specific crafting path. Current paths with special token awarding templates are as follows.
  • Obtaining Journeyman Rank
    • After obtaining 30 crafting tokens, an Apprentice will be given a crafting trial of Journeyman level to prove their worth as a crafter. When they pass, they will gain the Journeyman title and earn a Full Crafting token, as they will now have a derivative when they earn normal tokens. (See High Rank Path Tokens below)
    • Journeyman may request craft challenges from local leaders or Ealdorman to gain bonus tokens.
  • Obtaining Expert Rank
    • Upon earning 40 tokens, (Which can take a while, due the new derivative), the Journeyman will be given an Expert Level Crafting Trial and when they pass, will earn a Full token towards master rank.
  • Master Rank
    • Once an Expert crafter obtains 50 tokens, they will be eligible for Master rank and will be given a master level trial. This trial will be difficult.
  • Maestari Qualification
    • After achieving Master Rank in a crafting path and earning a number of Master Rank Tokens, the Master will be considered for the Order of the Maestari. This is an arduous process and the requirements for entry into the Order will be different per individual.
    • Obtaining 5 Master Rank Tokens begins the Maestari Process.
      • What is a Master Rank token? The crafter must craft and submit an item for consideration of Master Rank worthiness. If it is approved, a Master rank token will be earned.
    • The Consideration process for Maestari involves crafting requested pieces, teaching classes, and completing a number of feats. (Feats will be defined in the Order of the Maestari Page)
    • Once the Master Proves their worth, they will be inducted into the Order at the next High Court they attend.

High Ranks in Paths

When a member reaches journeyman rank, certain tokens begin to be worth less in their value towards obtaining the next rank. This derivative usually applies to rank 4+. (Huskarl is rank 5+)
Normal "Instances of Merit" that award a single token are reduced in value and other ways of earning "Full Tokens" are made available.

  • Huskarl Path High Rank options
    • Day of fighting tokens suffer the derivative.
    • Tournament wins are always worth a full token.
      • 2nd place in a tournament is also worth a full token.
    • Challenges - Challenges can be requested by rank 4+. They can be requested at practice for rank 4,
    • Boasts - Rank 6+- Huskarls of rank 6+ can make a boast at a thyng or court during "Other business". If the boast is accepted by the ealdorman, it is worth a Full Token. If the boast is failed, the Huskarl LOSES a Full Token, such is the way of the Wyrd. (This can cause a reduction in rank)
    • The Sable Helm award is always worth a Full Token.
  • Non-Combat Paths
    • Challenges - A Challenge can be requested by a member of Journeyman rank and higher.
    • Vigils - Some paths have Vigils that can be requested or required for the path.
    • Trials - Trials grant a Full Token
    • Boasts - Available to rank 5+ (6+ for Huskarl) Boasts can be made at a Court or Althyng. They Must have a Time requirement and a difficult task. If the Boast is failed, A Full Token is LOST. This CAN reduce a member's rank if they do not have enough tokens to suffer the loss.
    • Feats - Certain Orders have Feats, they are considered elite difficulty trials and challenges. Earning one is always worth a Full Token to their related path. (Merkismandr completes a Combat Feat, earns Full Token.)
    • Other instances may reveal themselves to be worth a Full Token, these instances are determined by the Eadlorman and will be added here as they are discovered.
    • Path related Awards are always worth a bonus full token.
      • Bowed Head (Servitude or HEarthstone)
      • Anvil - (Craft)
      • Tipped Brush - (Craft, scholar)
      • Mask - (Skald, other)


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