General Field Command

Here are example questions for the General Field Command Test.
15 of these questions should be used in a test.

What Rank is the next line of command for a Karl?
A. Drottins and Hertogi
B. The Ulfrik
C. The Prinzes
D. Thralls

Bjorn is in a squad with 4 others and a Lieutenant(Sigrid). Bjorn is a Thrall. Ulf, a boar next to him, commands him to step forward. Should he?
A: Yes
B: No

When should a Fighter in a squad follow orders from his Lieutenant?
A. Always
B. When the lieutenant directs the fighter directly
C. When the Lieutenant relays a command from the primary Commander.
D. Never.

The head Commander Issues a Command. Who should be repeat the command?
A. every Fighter
B. Only Thralls
C. Only Karls
D. Squad Lieutenants

How many members are normally in a squad?
A. 6
B. 4
C. 5
D. 3

What types of Squads are their?
A. Melee, Ranged and Command
B. Line, Skirmish, Archer
C. Melee and Ranged
D. Heavy, Light, Ranged, Spear

Who is a Lieutenant in charge of?
A. All Squads
B. His assigned Squad

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