Event Crats


Also known as the Event/Camp Master, Autocrats take responsibility for an event and make sure it runs smoothly. If they are not a Crown member, they answer directly to the crown. The Autocrat designates other crats to oversee specific areas of an event and assists them with their duties.


Campcrats oversee Camp. They organize camp, they enforce Camp rules, maintain camp cleanliness and make sure any camp Duties are fulfilled by members. (they also manage camp duty sign up or Assignment)
(Campcrats are the ones to tell someone to clean up their stuff if they are being a slob or Report it to the Camp Master.)


Head of Food prep and the Kitchen. Also known as Feastcrat. The Feast marshall heads the kitchen, the Meal plan if there is one, and maintains the kitchen and any duty sign up sheets.


Also known as Master of the Watch, or master bodyguard, the Guard Marshall oversees Security duty on all fronts including bodyguarding key members and Camp security.


The Warcrat, sometimes referred to as the War Marshall, organizes any battles at events, and runs tournaments. At larger events, i.e. Ragnarok, the Warcrat commands the army, and is usually a high ranking member of the Crown, the Stallari, or someone designated by the Crown to Command. Command of the army MUST be granted by the Crown, otherwise, the Ulfric still maintains command. Warcrats also oversee trial days for the various paths and orders of the Empire.

Seconds or Deputies

Eventcrats may designate a Second, or subcrat to assist them in their duties. They may designate more than one if necessary.

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