Empire Rank Markings

Here is a conglomeration of all rank markings.

Royalty and Nobility

  • Ulfric & Dronning: Wear the 8 point Embellished Crown of the Empire
  • Prinz: Wears the 6 point Crown of their Principality
  • Posadnik (Duke) - Wear a 4 point circlet with embellishments (gems, pearls, etc.)
  • Jarl - Wear 4 point circlet without embellishments.
  • Vicomte/Viscount - Wear wide leather & brass circlet with embellishments
  • Lord or Herre - Wear wide leather & brass circlet without embellishments.


Members of Orders wear a necklace marking their Order.

  • Riddari and Knights wear a Bronze Chain about their neck.
  • Maestari wear a (to be determined)
  • Merkismandr wear a Silver Chain about their neck.
  • Iron Shields wear a Grey Braided Cord with a Shield Pendant.
  • Hersir wear a Black Braided Cord or Chain with a Black Helm Pendant.
  • Gules Blade Wear a Red Braided Cord or Chain with a Flaming Sword Pendant
  • Gild Rose wear a (To be determined)
  • Argent Quill wear a (To be determined)

Braided Cord Example.


Path ranking is denoted by Colored Leather and Leather & Brass Arm bands (Depending on Rank). The arm bands will have the number of the Rank and Name of the Rank etched or Carved into the band and be painted or Dyed the color of the related Path.

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