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Old News

2/15/2012: The New Vinland Saga has begun!
11/15/11: The New Vinland Saga is in development.2/15/2012: The New Vinland Saga has begun!
11/15/11: The New Vinland Saga is in development.

Old Laws of the Empire.

Creed: Heritage, pride, honor

  1. No Wolf shall turn another Wolf away from their home. Our fires will always welcome a fellow wolf.
  2. The rite of challenge shall always be upheld and sacred.
  3. During Althyng no combat may erupt. All will be held in equality with judgment passed on from either the Jarls in attendance, or the Ulfric.
  4. Ulfric's word is law. Those who challenge it must face the Ulfric, or be turned upon by the rest of the pack.
  5. A Wolf guard will not stand down, unless by the command of his leader, or the Ulfric himself.
  6. A Wolf will not dishonor another Wolf or an ally; nor shall they degrade or belittle another Wolf.
  7. A friend of our enemy becomes our enemy. If someone betrays a Wolf, all Wolves turn on the traitor. No exceptions.
  8. We are Wolves off the field and on. We follow our heritage and are constant family to each other.
  9. In times of battle and extreme duress the Ulfric shall take total command.


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