Challenges Trials And Assignments

Members of the Empire of the Wolf can request a single path specific challenge and a trial or assignment per rank in a path. Ealdormen can also give their members challenges and trials/assignments. Members can not request specific challenges and it is up to their Ealdorman to choose the challenge. However, an Ealdorman should choose what best suites the member.

Combat Challenges:

  • Kill counter (ranks 1-3 only: 50, 100, 200)
  • Craft a weapon/shield (Rank 1&2)
  • Kill target 5 times (Rank 1&2)
  • Pass a test based on knowledge of rules. (1-4)
  • Drottin Custom Challenge (2-4)
  • Boiarin/Hertogi Custom Challenge (3-5)
  • Royalty Custom Challenge (2-7)
  • Rank 8 Custom Challenge (voted on by Ealdormen)
  • Rank 9 Custom Challenge (voted on by Ealdormen)
  • A Boast made during Court. (Ranks 6-9) If accepted by Court.
  • Spirit Path Challenge for events. (2-7)

Combat Trials:

  • Defeat a higher ranked Huscarl in a duel. (rank 2)
  • Circle of 5 fighters of varying difficulty all under 2/3 yrs exp. (Rank 3)
  • 2v1 no armor with 2/3 year fighters (Rank 4) (Testee may wear Armor?)
  • Circle of 5/10 Fighters - Higher Difficulty (Ranks 5-7)
  • Gauntlet - Any available shall fight the Testee until the Tester is satisfied. (Mid Rank)

Non com challenges:

  • Craft something for a Drott/member
  • Serve at practice in some way: water bearer, snacks, ?
  • Perform something, skald/scholarly
  • Record prestige at a practice (Scholar)
  • Pass a written Test.
  • Tell of Prestige at a meeting/practice (Skald)
  • Keep track of children at a practice (Hearth 1-3) (1 practice/5 Practices/20 Practices)
  • Perform a story telling at an event. (Skald)
  • Record Deeds/Minutes at an Event, Court, Practice.

Non-Com Assignments(Trials):

  • Scholar
    • Document a member. Get pictures of their soft and hard kit, their story line and anything else you can find. Get stories from other members and record it all down onto 8.5 by 11 parchment paper meant for a 3 ring binder. Scribe it up
    • Maintain the Empire Library
  • Skald
    • Research and perform a requested song/Poem.
    • Perform a Rite/blessing before battle/Events/Court.
    • Do other "Priestly" duties
    • Compete in Bardic Competitions
  • Guardsman:
    • Serve as a Bodyguard during an Entourage (Any Rank)
    • Combat Vigil a member. (Bodyguard them while they are on the field.) (Can be done at practices ranks 1-2)
    • Vigil a member. (Guard them for 12 hours) Rank 4+

Guardsman Trials

  • Rank 3: Knowledge of the Tenets Trial.
    • Answer a number of questions related to the Tenets of the Iron Shield.
  • Rank 4: Active Trial
    • Complete a number of Bodyguard assignments during a special Assassin tourney.
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