Camping With The Empire

When camping with the Empire in any capacity, it is required that the following rules be adhered to.

  • 1. This is a drama-free camp. Any drama brought into camp will be asked to leave. Serious drama in camp is grounds for expulsion from camp for the remainder of the event.
  • 2. If you choose to drink, it must be kept in a period container, any non-period containers/packages need to remain in your tent or the trash, be responsible when drinking in another camp, and don’t be that guy.
  • 3. Illegal drug use is not allowed in camp. What you do outside of camp on your own time is at your discretion and responsibility.
  • 4. You are responsible for any guests and their behavior you bring into camp. If they cause issues/drama, both of you will be asked to leave.
  • 5. Everyone staying in camp (including guests) are expected to work a number of shifts on either camp or guard duty. The number of shifts and type depends on the event, the individual’s rank, and the amount of people in camp. It will never detract from your event experience, but help maintain camp and benefit everyone’s experience. Contact the Keeper of the Keys for more information.
  • 6. How you act at night affects our reputation as much as all of your deeds on the field. Be considerate of others and their camps, be responsible for yourself and your brothers & sisters, and be proud of the family you belong to.
  • This is mostly common sense, but if you need something further clarified, or have questions/concerns, please feel free to contact me.


For those that wish to camp with the Empire who are not members in some capacity, they must seek out a sponsor. This sponsor must be a member of the Empire.

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