Banner Standards

Flying a personal coat of arms, aka Heraldry, or a specific drott or Hird Banner can be a very rewarding experience and a source of pride. Members or houses with Banner rights may fly a specifically sized banner in camp and on the field at events and practices. Specific Rules apply to banners when flown in camp. Please see below for banner specifics.

4' x 8' Banner

This size is reserved only for Empire of the Wolf Banners. No other banners this size may be flown in an Empire of the Wolf hosted Camp.

3' x 6' Banner

This banner Size is reserved for Royalty, Posadniks and Principalities.

2' x 4' Banner

The 2' x 4' banner is the size that will be noted most often in camp as it applies to most houses and personal heraldry. As long as the Banner stays below 8 square feet it can be of any length and width, however, All Empire House banners should be made to fit a 2' x 4' banner.

  • Knights both Empire and Recognized non-Empire may fly their personal heraldry on this sized banner.
  • Official Empire Houses, both Drott and Hird, may fly a 2' x 4' banner.
  • All nobles besides Posadniks may fly this banner with their personal heraldry on it as well.
  • Recognized Allies of the Empire may fly this sized banner when camping in an Empire Camp.
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