Karl Ceremony:

The potential Karl shall be brought before the Crown at High Symbel/Court.

One of the members of the Crown shall say: "The Crown believes you are ready to regain your Freedom as a Karl. Can anyone give witness to this lowly Thrall's Deeds of Worth?"

Any member, Karl and up, may then step forward and give witness of past deeds as a Thrall that make them worthy of Karlship. (This includes the Crown)

The Crown may then deliberate.

If the Thrall is found worthy then a member of the Crown shall say: "By your past deeds and witness brought forth by your fellow members, you have proved your worth as a Thrall of the Empire. What do you pledge should you be made a Karl of the Empire?

The Thrall shall make a pledge. (Drottin and Hertogi, or even an Ealdorman may assist the thrall with this pledge.)

If the Pledge is found worthy, a member of the Crown shall say, "The Crown has found your pledge worthy. You kneeled as a Thrall of the Empire, now rise as a Karl of the Empire and accept your new sash." As the member of the Crown says this, they shall help the new Karl to their feet.

Ealdorman Ceremony.

Award of the Anvil: For creation in the sciences

Award of the Bowed Head: for service to the Empire

Award of the Rising Star: For amazing improvement to kit, combat, or persona for a member.

Award of the Mask: For excellence in portraying your persona

Award of the Tipped Brush: for creativity in the arts

Award of the Sable Helm: for glory and prowess on the battlefield


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