Army Of The Empire

The Empire will sometimes march to the field as a large unit or Army. This is known as a Day of War. During Days of War, the Empire follows an Organization system. It is up to the Crown, the Ealdorman or a Drottin on whether an event will be considered a Day of War.

During a Day of War the War Marshall (Usually the Stallari) will organize the Empire into Squads. Each squad will be headed by a member who holds rankings in the Officer Path and members of their squad are asked to listen to this member's orders. Squads will usually be assigned a specific tactic to pursue in combat and when properly executed will create an organized machine of Death on the field.

Squads vary in size and tactic, please see below for more information on different squads.

Combat Roles

  • Primary Roles - Shield Bearers
    • Boar = Heavy Infantry - Primary duties: Shield Wall
      • Secondary: Protecting Support Roles, Missile Recovery
    • Wolf = Light Infantry - Primary duties: Shield Wall Support, Flanking and Counter Flanking
      • Secondary: Distraction, Field Communication
  • Secondary Roles - non Shield Bearers
    • Bear = Heavy Red User - Primary duties: Breaking shields, Shield wall Support, Intimidation,
      • Secondary duties: Threatening the lines, Killing armored enemies. Flanking & Counter flanking, Missile retrieval
    • Dragon = Light Red/Spear, Dual Wield, Dagger - Primary duties: Killing and wounding enemies
      • Secondary duties: Opening shields, Distraction. Pushing the Line, Flanking, Counter Flanking, Missile Retrieval
    • Raven = Ranged support -Primary duties: Field Communication
      • Secondary - Shooting the enemy. Picking off commanders and support weapons
    • Viper
    • Stag

Unit Formations

  • Squad: 5 fighters
  • Platoon: 2 Squads
  • Company: 2 Platoons

Squad Builds - The most experienced/highest ranking command path member of the squad will be designated as squad leader.

  • Shield Squad: 2-3 Boar 1-2 Support (Can be Raven, Viper, or Bear).
  • Skirmish: 1-3 Wolf, 1-2 Dragon, 1-2 Bear, Raven.
    • Each Squad must be assigned a Number.


  • Shield Wall Platoon: Two Shield Squads
  • Skirmish Platoon: 1 Skirmish Squad, 1 Shield Squad
  • Support Platoon: 2 Skirmish Squads


  • Shield Company: 1-2 shield wall platoons, 0-1 Skirmish platoons, 0-1 Support Platoons
  • Skirmish Company: 1-2 Skirmish Platoons, 0-1 Support Platoons

Special Units - Individual Fighters with an important Role.

  • War Marshall/Stallari - Head of the Army
  • Commander - Leads a Company
  • Captain - Leads a platoon
  • Strategist - Stays in the back field to direct the Commander, Recommends plays from the playbook. Often part of the Scholar path.
  • Solo: Famous, Infamous or legendary Fighters with a high enough rank in Huskarl/Hersir/Knights or Nobility may take on this role. Solos are meant to distract enemies with their field presence, and wreak havoc on the field with their immense combat prowess. Certain Solos may claim a squad of their own.

Field Commands

Basic Commands

  • Advance - Stefna: Move forward at a walking pace.
  • Charge - Sök: Charge forward and attack
  • Fall back - Hrøkva: Retreat to a safe or previous position
  • Standa - Hold or Stand your ground.
  • Step - Stìga: take one step forward
  • Stop - Stöðva: Halt / stop Units.
  • Retreat : Fall back quickly until ordered to Stand
  • Feast den ULven: Feast of the Wolves, break formation and scatter, create as much chaos as possible.
  • (Number) Shield Wall on me: Form a Shield wall (Number) of fighters wide on Order Giver.
  • Line - Form a line on Order giver.
  • Sweep Right/Left: Move in the direction indicated, often used for flanking moves.


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