2017 Empire Paths Simplified

The many Paths of the Empire are meant to provide members with medieval occupations to pursue. Each Path, or occupation/job, contains rankings that members can achieve. The Empire of the Wolf uses a token system to determine these ranks. Every time a Member brings Glory to the Empire, a related Path is determined and a token is awarded for that Path. As a member gains tokens they increase in rank, however, as they increase in rank, obtaining tokens will become more difficult.

Tokens can be earned many different ways. Challenges can be requested at events to earn Tokens and Tokens may be given as a bonus for certain awards or epic deeds. Tokens can also be earned during special Empire events or Sagas. Please see the Crafting Section for ways Crafters earn Tokens.

A few rules apply for all paths when it comes to Ranking.

  1. Rank Requirements can be waved by the Ealdorman in certain situations.
  2. Rankings in Paths do not bestow any kind of authority over another member. Obtaining ranks can award eligibility to perform certain tasks at Empire events.
  3. Some ranks require Trials. It will be noted in the Rank info.
  4. Each day of an event can award a token depending on the task being performed

Non-Combat Paths

Servitude (NIX)

  • The Path of Servitude consists of serving at Events. This mainly consists of taking on a role of authority to oversee designated tasks are completed and flow smoothly. Tokens in this Path are usually awarded by a ranking leadership member based on service during an event or serving as Master Herald. (AKA Marshalling)

Ranks & requirements

  1. Novice Retainer - Req: 3 Service Tokens
  2. Retainer - Req: 6 service Tokens
  3. Steward - Req: 10 Service Tokens
  4. High Steward - Req: 16 Service Tokens
  5. Chatelaine, Seneschal or Master Steward - Req: 26 Service Tokens
    • Marshalling - Head of Something, either Master of the Watch, Master Bodyguard, Head of Camp clean up, Kitchen head, head cook, Autocrat, Head Weapons Check, Tournament Marshall, Warcrat, hold an administrative station for at least 6 months (Drottin, Hertogi, Hand (Per Yr), Shield, Champion (per yr), Crown, etc,)


  • Everything involving Camp & Kitchen development, management and clean up during a camp out. At every event, a Camp Master and Kitchen Master will be selected by the Royalty, Keeper of the Keys, or other Leadership. A number of tokens can be awarded depending on participation in camp and kitchen during an event or serving as Kitchen or Camp Master.

Ranks & Requirements

  1. Novice Keeper - 3 Tokens
  2. Apprentice Keeper - 6 Tokens
  3. Keeper - 10 Tokens
  4. Expert Keeper - 16 Tokens
    • Campmaster 1 Overnight Event
  5. Master Keeper - 26 Tokens
    • Campmaster 6 overnight events
    • Campmaster 1 Ragnarok

Guardsmen Path

  • Dedicated to Security Detail and Bodyguards. Guardsmen protect the hearth of the Empire.
    • Bodyguard Escorts: A bodyguard escort is when a Noble leaves camp with their Circlet or Crown. That member must be escorted until they return to camp or you are relieved by another guardsman. Make sure to report your activity to a scholar or Ealdorman when they return or you are relieved of your escort.
  1. Watchman – Initiate to the path
    • Earned at least three tokens as a guardsman
    • Moderately familiar with watchman etiquette.
  2. Sentinel – Low ranking guard
    • Earned at least seven tokens as a guardsman.
    • Very familiar with watchman etiquette.
  3. Heimpegi – Middle ranking guard- Requires Karl status in the Empire of the Wolf.
    • Earned at least thirteen tokens as a guardsman.
    • Must pass Watchman etiquette test.
  4. Druzhinniki – Veteran guardsman
    • Earned at least nineteen tokens as a guardsman.
    • Eligible to be Master of the Watch or Master Bodyguard at an event.
    • Must pass Tenets of the Iron Shield test.
  5. Vordrjarn – High ranking guardsman
    • Earned at least twenty- six tokens as a guardsman.
    • Must be Master of the Watch or Master Bodyguard once at a National event.
    • Must complete one guardsman vigil.
  6. Akolouthos – The pinnacle of guardsman, achievable by only the most dedicated defenders.
    • Earned at least forty tokens as a guardsman.
    • Complete two more guardsman vigils.
    • Serve as Master of the Watch and/or Master Bodyguard five times.

Skald (Bardic / Godi / Priest)

The Storytellers and Priests of the Empire of the Wolf. They are also the performers and musicians of the Empire. They are the Lore Keepers, handing down and guarding the stories and heritage of their Houses. They could also be considered the Bards of the Empire. Skalds also Herald Courts and Symbel. They earn tokens by completing performances at events. (This includes songs, acts, poems, the telling of a story, etc.)

  • Skald Ranking and Requirements
    1. Novice Skald - 3 Tokens
    2. Apprentice Skald - 6 Tokens
    3. Skald
      • Earn 10 Tokens
    4. Argent Skald
      • 18 Tokens
    5. Master Skald
      • 26 Tokens


The Masters of records of the Empire of the Wolf. Scholars are greatly valued as without them, nothing could be recorded. Scholars are also the Lore Keepers of the Empire as they write down and record the stories of the generations.

  • Scholar Ranks & requirements
    • Scholars earn Tokens by performing acts of record or by serving as Head Scholar for an event.
      • Acts of Record = Recording activity at an event, who fought, who helped, etc.
    • Novice - 3 Tokens
    • Apprentice - 6 Tokens
    • Scholar
      • Earn 10 Tokens
    • Argent Scholar
      • 18 Tokens by completing acts of record or one of the following:
    • Master Scholar
      • 26 Tokens


Ambassadors reach out to other entities in Dagorhir and create good relations with the Empire. They stay up to speed on all politics with allies and enemies alike. They advise the crown of what units & Entities are worthy of alliance, or worthy of war. To be an Ambassador, a member must be an experienced Karl or Nobility and approved by the Crown. Thralls are Forbidden from Pursuing this path. A member must apply for access to this path.

  • Ambassador Ranks
    1. Emissary
      • Must be a Karl for "some time". (1 year min?)
      • Have good relations with at least 2 other Medieval reenactment Groups (Dag, Bel, SCA, OR HMA, etc)
      • Apply for this path. To apply, a member must approach their local leadership. Reasoning will be required for path application, and a letter may be required. The local leader will then approach the Ealdorman for discussion. Final approval falls to the Crown.
    2. Ambassador
      • Requirements: Prove extended Knowledge of the inner workings of 4 Medieval Groups and the who's who of each group.
      • Earn 15 Ambassador tokens by Assisting an Ealdorman/Crown with interacting with said medieval groups to develop good relations. (Attend a party w/ealdorman, Bring guests to Empire Events, this includes proper introductions w/ titles, etc.)
    3. Minister
      • Be well known among many Medieval Groups.
      • Prove extended knowledge of 10 medieval Groups
      • Obtain 40 Ambassador tokens.
      • Broker an Alliance.
      • Assist Ealdorman w/
      • Become an honorary member of a Medieval Group.
      • Nobility ranked Required.

Crafting Paths

To gain tokens in a chosen craft, a crafter must make and document works within that path. Crafters should share documentation of any new works with their local leadership along with how much tokens they think the item should be worth.

As a Crafter's rank increases, judgement of work will get tougher.

Upon reaching the number of tokens required for the next rank increase a challenge may be required before the new rank is awarded. Please see the Crafting Challenge Master List

Related Order: Maestari
Rank Requirements

  1. Novice 10 tokens
  2. Apprentice - 20 tokens
  3. Journeyman - 30 tokens
    • Pass Journeyman Challenge
  4. Expert - 50 Tokens
    • Pass Expert Challenge
  5. Master - 80 Tokens
    • Submit Masterwork Items until 5 have passed
      • (These will be judged by the Craft Jury and scored on a scale of 1-10. 9-10 are considered passing.)

Crafting Challenge Master List

The Craft Jury is a number of Master Craftsman and Ealdorman that oversee Masterwork Submissions.

Combat Paths

Combat Paths are based on tokens of the same name. They can be earned through a myriad of martial endeavors.

Combat Tokens usually have a mark of a specific Spirit Path besides the Huskarl Path.

The Command Path

Huskarl Path

A professional Warrior.

  • Warriors may display their Rank by adding a number of brass belt fittings equal to their Rank Number to a "Combat Belt", a RED Leather belt specifically designated by the Empire.
  1. Novice - 1 token
    • (Opt) Prove Proficiency in 1 light fighting style (Florentine, Single blue or Sword and Shield) (Proving this can award a token_)
  2. Apprentice - 3 tokens
    • (Opt) Prove Proficiency in a heavy fighting style (Spear, Red weapon or Polearm) (proving can award a token)
  3. Scout
    • 7 Tokens
    • Have minimum garb to take the field at an event.
    • demonstrate proficiency with 1 basic style. (Florentine, Sword & Board, Red, Spear, Halberd, Single Blue) (approved by local leader or Ealdorman)
  4. Huskarl
    • 12 Tokens
    • Pass Huskarl Combat Trial
    • Have Empire Level Garb for Period Persona
    • Choose a Spirit Path
  5. Strong Huskarl
    • 18 Combat Tokens
    • Pass Combat Trial
  6. Huntsman
  7. Hraustr - Elite Huskarl…
    • Hold 35 Combat Tokens
    • Pass Hraustr Combat Trial(s)
  8. Halr (Legendary Huscarl)
    • Crown Consideration required.
    • 60 Combat Tokens
  • The Appropriate Combat Belt is a Red leather Belt of any width. A width more than an inch is recommended, so that the fittings are not wider than the belt itself.
  • An Example Brass Belt Fitting can be found HERE
  • Example Picture
    • b15.JPG

Huskarl Trials

The Spirit Paths

Part of the Huskarl Path. The Spirit Paths offer a focus on fighting style to those that wish for it.

Spirit Path of the Bear

Warriors of the vanguard, working in tandem with the shield wall to decimate their foes

Spirit Path of the Wolf

Fast Infantry; trained to be open field skirmishers with a keen knack for taking full advantage of flanking tactics.

Spirit Path of the Boar

Heavy Infantry; dedicated to line breaking and defensive fighting


Sharp-eyed ranged combatants, trained in communicating enemy position to the front line.


Dedicated to taking what advantage they can; their goal is to pick apart the opposition either bit by bit or foe by foe.

Dragon (or Serpent)

True dealer s of death wielding mighty Polearm weapons and striking fear into the enemy. Shields and armor alike are no match for their claws

Spirit Path of the Stag

A versatile yet dangerous style; best suited for solitary targets, or in a command position.

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